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Fear of the Duck

can i play with magnets rgb mid

Song/Artist: Can I Play With Madness – Iron Maiden

Original Lyric: Can I play with madness?

True story: When I was at primary school we all had to bring in a song to play the rest of the class. My choice was Jive Bunny and the Master Mixers – a gambit to win the respect and admiration of my peers which backfired spectacularly – but it was roundly trounced by this hard lad who bought in Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter. Within seconds of it playing all the girls were beaming at him with doe-eyed longing while the boys cowered in fear of the Playground’s New Overlord. It took me 10 years to forgive Iron Maiden for that. Anyway, here’s the old, long-haired and thoroughly dishevelled Bruce Dickinson (who looks miles more fun than the newer, short-haired and reasonably well-kempt Bruce Dickinson) playing with magnets. 

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