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Thought I looked like Henry Rollins, but I still look like Phil Collins…

ive been waiting for this snowman all my life phil colins misheard lyrics mid

Song/Artist: In The Air Tonight – Phil Collins

Original Lyric: And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life…

You know that phase you go through where you renounce every band you ever liked as a child because you’re all cool and own a West German Army parka now? Well it never really stuck with Phil Collins and I’m still afflicted with the compulsion to randomly start screaming “SU-SU-SUDIO!” every now and then. Anyway, here’s the man in question and he’s found his heart’s deepest desire…. Aww bless. He also seems to be taking his ‘No Jacket Required’ policy very literally. I mean c’mon Phil, its bloody snowing out there!

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