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Massage In A Brothel

so lonely the police misheard lyrics sue lawley

Song/Artist: So Lonely – The Police

Original Lyric: So lonely, so lonely, so lonely…

First off, apologies to international visitors who are once again scratching their heads and wondering ‘who the hell is Sue Lawley/Bill Oddie/Jill Dando?’. Well, it appears that we in the UK have a specific vulnerability to mishearing lyrics in such a way that they tend to feature national celebrities of very minor import, a tendency for which I apologies. However, to those of you from the US, consider this revenge for cluttering up the internet with that ‘Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza’ lyric. Seriously, none of us have a clue who he is. Anyway, this one goes out to @sarahgfellows for suggesting it and I promise that the next one will not, repeat NOT feature any newsreaders/ornithologists/presenters that are known only to the British.

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